CBD from Industrial Hemp

Farmers are growing thousands of acres of industrial hemp to fuel the rapidly growing CBD market. Industrial hemp is Cannabis Sativa with .3% THC or less. This cousin to marijuana creates hundreds of different cannabinoids, but only trace amounts of the intoxicant, THC. Recreational or medical marijuana will have 15 to 30% THC. 

What is the Best CBD?

You have a lot of options. How do you want to consume CBD? You can smoke flower, infuse food with oil, take daily drops, eat grain or apply salves.  You have options to discover the best way to bring Cannabinoids back into your diet. Do your homework on the strains offered and what levels of different Cannabinoids are present. There are over 100 different Cannabinoids in hemp plants and each influences your body, and each person in different ways. Typical claims include relief from anxiety, reduction of inflammation, ability to sleep, muscle pain relief and the list goes on.  One good resource for medical research into Cannabis Sativa would be ECHO Connection.

Sell Your CBD Products

The purpose of this site is to provide a retail outlet to farmers who otherwise must accept lower wholesale prices for their hard work. Plus, they get to know their customers and their buying habits. 
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