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We have Premium Smokable CBD flowers available now.
YoungSim#10 variety.
CBD %14.62
THC % 0.07
$30.00 per ounce shipped.
$285.00 per pound. Can deliver if needed.
3rd party test and MDARD approved.
Very smooth and pine like flavor.

We also have** CBD kief** made from the YS#10.
$15.00 per gram shipped.
Awesome to say the least.

And, if you need genetics.
We have Carmagnola and YoungSim#10 available now!
Carmagnola is a dual crop. Fiber/CBD.
$250.00 per pound
YoungSim#10 is a CBD crop only.
$500 per pound.
I grew both varities in michigan 2019 season with great results.
I used no fertilizer or pesticide, yet the Carmagnola reached 13 feet for fiber and the YS10 produced 1 pound of flower each on average.

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